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Diamond CZ

Moissanite: Emerald White D-F Moissanite

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Chemical Composition: Silicon Carbide (SiC)
Hardness: 9.5mohs
Refractive Index: nω=2.654 nε=2.967
Melting Point: 2730 °C

About Moissanite
Moissanite was first synthesized in a lab before the natural mineral was found 2 years later by Henri Moissan in a meteor crator. Later Charles and Covard patented the mineral to be used to create gemstones. This patent has run out in 2018 so now anybody can legally create moissanite gemstones.

Moissanite is visually close to a diamond, but has more fire than a diamond. CZ is a closer match to a diamond visually, but Moissanite is harder than cz and can pass as diamond with older electronic diamond testers, this will only work with moissanites (and diamonds) bigger than 2mm as smaller than 2mm is too small for most diamond testers. Moissanite can also pass the text test: That is if you put a round brilliant cut diamond on a piece of text (black on white paper) you cannot see any black, cz fails this test. Moissanite can also scratch Sapphire and scratch cz as it is harder.

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White D-F

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