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Diamond CZ

Swarovski CZ: Cubic Zirconia Pure Brilliance White

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The Swarovski Pure Brilliance Zirconia Cut is the first ever to adhere to the Gemmological Institute of America's comprehensive set of standards for grading diamond cut quality. The GIA is the world's foremost authority on diamond grading. Test methods carried out reveal that the level of brilliance in the Pure Brilliance Cut equals that of the highest quality diamond. To ensure proof of quality, every Pure Brilliance Zirconia features a microscopic SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA laser engraving that is invisible to the naked eye.

Colour Description

The colour white means that the stone is clear, matching a colour D diamond. Colour D is the clearest most colourless possible colour of a diamond.

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2mm (0.036ct)YesYes £
2.2mm (0.04ct)YesYes £
3mm (0.097ct)YesYes £
4mm (0.23ct)YesYes £
5mm (0.45ct)YesYes £
6mm (0.78ct)YesNo £
6.5mm (1ct)YesNo £
7mm (1.24ct)YesNo £
8mm (1.84ct)YesNo £