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Diamond CZ

Custom cut stones and wholesale orders

Stones that are out of stock or in sizes that you can't see on the website can be cut to order, but there are the following limitations and things to consider with cutting custom stones:
  1. There is a minimum order (listed below) based on the size of the stone you request.
  2. Some special colours such as "Tinted" require bigger minimum orders.
  3. Stones that need skilled gem cutters to cut such as OEC and Radiant will take a long time whilst we find gemcutters who are able to cut them to the highest quality
  4. Special stones that are not shown on the website can be cut, but you will need a cutting diagram, else we will have no chance working out how to cut it. Special stones cut from your own diagrams may not look as good as expected and even look very bad for unforseen reasons, but there are no refunds once the job has been started, so please understand this risk before agreeing to have a gem cut. I will email you about this also
  5. Some cutting designes are patented so cannot be cut such as the Flanders cut
  6. Please state the size of the gem in mm, length x width, not carats because carats is a measuremennt of weight which does not covert to a size.
  7. The ideal height for a diamond to give the best sparkle is not the same as it is for a cz, it is slightly different. For this reason it is better for the gem cutter to determine the best height for the stone and not copy exactly the height of a diamond.
  8. The range of colour is limited to what is available on this website and colours cannot be exactly matched.
  9. The best price is always quoted for wholesale quotes depending on quantity, the bigger the order the better the price.
  10. Orders can take a long time to be cut because bigger orders (from other companies) are given priority, so there is no fixed time the stones can be finished by, they are just finished when they are finished. You should be prepared to wait up to 8 months if you order hand cut stones such as Old European Cut. To have gems cut faster you need to meet a different minimum order quantity which is the equivalent of 300 x 8mm stones for each cut, colour and size.

Minimum order Quantities:
Width (mm)Minimum QuantityMin for expensive blue
and green colours
0-2 250 125
2.01 -4 100 50
4.01 -6 50 25
6.01 - 8 25 12
8.01 - 10 20 10
10.01 - 12 10 5
12.01 - 14 7 3
14.01 - 16 5 2
16.01 - 18 2 1
18.01 - 20 2 1
20.01 - 22 2 1
24 plus 1 1